We are excited to launch OPRO+, our instrumented mouthguard and the move of our company into the world of wearable technology. Data and analytics are a major component in the world of coaching, and this will enhance the knowledge of all in the game. With more information available such as measuring impact of both linear and rotational impacts, coaches will be better informed to enhance the performance of the athlete and the understanding of training and game day practises. We have partnered with Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) to bring cutting-edge technology built in, known as the PROTECHT system, that records and shares real time head impact data.

The new product in our range sits at the pinnacle of our product pyramid, and with the launch of OPRO+, our instrumented mouthguard, we are able to bring over 21+ years of experience to a new market from a technology and geographical point of view. Our ultimate long-term goal is that every mouthguard, for every athlete, pro or amateur, will be able to avail of this technology in the future.

This will expand our reach across the globe and as the world leader in custom made mouthguards, OPRO are already working with many sporting federations to bring our instrumented mouthguards to professional athletes across multiple sports. Rugby is just the start and we want this to be available to all sports that require protection from impact like Ball sports (American Football, Aussie Rules, GAA) Stick sports (Hockey, Lacrosse, Hurling) and Combat sports (MMA, Taekwondo, Boxing).

OPRO+ mouthguards containing the PROTECHT system will be used for the first time when Ospreys and Cardiff Blues players wear the instrumented mouthguards in their Judgement Day encounter at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff on Saturday 27th April.

OPRO+ mouthguards with the PROTECHT chips provide athletes, coaches and medics with data by transmitting the head impact data of each player immediately to a laptop on the side-lines which can be seen by medical staff allowing and enabling them to act accordingly. 

PROTECHT has been developed and fine-tuned for over two years by Sports & Wellbeing Analytics. and aims to benefit the wellbeing and the performance of a team by monitoring training and match data over time to understand the size, frequency and types of impact. Head impact data collected will allow teams to proactively manage head health so they can help improve player welfare, enable proactive injury management and informed training choices and ultimately, prolong playing careers.

This is not a totally new venture for OPRO as we have been collaborating with many leading institutions in America and across the globe to better understand how hits to the head can cause injury.

OPRO, who have been involved with the sport of Rugby for 21 years and are the official mouthguard partner of England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby and 11 of the 12 Gallagher Premiership teams, will continue negotiations with their current partners to make OPRO+ available to as many elite players as possible. The end goal being that OPRO+ will be available to the consumer, as well as the elite teams.

OPRO Chief Executive Officer David Allen commented: “OPRO+ is the next stage in the evolution of our mouthguards. The data OPRO+ provides will help us all to better understand and manage impact and in play collision.

“Players will wear their OPRO+ mouthguards during training, as well as matches, so that team staff will continually be able to collect data that will give a clear picture of a rugby players day to day impact.

“Head injuries are of the most common rugby injuries and often goes unnoticed if the impact takes place during a ruck or scrum. OPRO+ and PROTECHT are part of the solution to bring data into the hands of medical and coaching staff who can then work towards bringing the incident rates down.”

SWA Chief Executive Officer Chris Turner said “The development of the PROTECHT system has ultimately been focused on one key priority; making the game safer for the players. The system allows objective surveillance so that unseen head impacts are recognised and understood and this data provides a new layer of information on which medical teams can base their judgements.

“By understanding what impacts a player succumbs to, medics and coaches are far better informed on the physical head health of a player taking the pitch. As such the rugby management can be more proactive in their management of injuries.

 “We are already seeing that this data can also support the performance environment of a rugby club as adaptations can be made to training loads, drills and even moves as the PROTECHT system provides a far greater understanding on impacts.”

For more information go to www.opromouthguards.com/opro-plus or www.swa.one

For press enquiries please contact Holly Hale on hollyh@thephgroup.com or 0207 4400 817


About OPRO

Founded over 20 years ago by dentist Dr Anthony Lovat, OPRO is the world’s most technically advanced mouthguard company and a leading pioneer in oral protection. Through the development and deployment of cutting-edge technology and the use of innovative design and production methods, OPRO has been at the forefront of protecting the safety of athletes at all levels, across a range of different sports, for more than two decades.

The family owned and run company is based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and all products are designed and manufactured within the UK, and available worldwide through a network of retailers and distributors.

OPRO is the official mouthguard partner of a number of professional sporting organisations, including England Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, Australia Rugby, Great Britain Taekwondo, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Great Britain and England Hockey, USA Rugby, American Youth Football, Pop Warner Little Scholars, 11 Gallagher Premiership Rugby teams and the German, French, Italian, Cameroonian and Northern Ireland Mixed Martial Arts Federations.

All OPRO mouthguards are legally CE certified and in 2007 the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation in recognition of its ground-breaking work in the field of oral protection.


About Sports & Wellbeing Analytics

Sports & Wellbeing Analytics believe in the virtues of rugby and aims to support the future of the game by helping to combat one of the major threats to the sport, head injury. 

Sports & Wellbeing Analytics is a Welsh company reared by real rugby people who care for the future of the game. Combining the latest technologies with research to deliver innovative solutions in sports welfare

SWA were founded in 2016 in Swansea, by a small group of largely local investors with the objective of applying the latest developments in science and technology to real world health and wellbeing problems using real time analytics for predictive intervention. They are working very closely with our partners at Swansea University, for the scientific research, Keytree Limited for the technology solutions, Philtronics for the electronic components and utilising an enterprise grade SAP Cloud Platform. The initial focus is on head impact for contact sports, specifically Rugby Union.