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BJJ Mouthguards

Although a grappling art, many Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioners are now choosing to protect their teeth with jiu-jitsu mouthguards and gum shields. In a sparring or tournament setting – or even when drilling techniques in class – accidents do happen from time to time. A mouthguard is a simple and effective way to protect yourself.

OPRO jiu-jitsu gum shields have a Boil and Bite design – quickly and easily moulding to your teeth for a great fit. Add one to your kit bag today.

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Set Descending Direction
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Americas
4 Colours Power-Fit Galaxy Shimmer
12 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Europe
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - UK
16 Colours Power-Fit Solids
8 Colours Power-Fit Braces Solid Colours
2 Colours Power-Fit UFC (Adult)
12 Colours Power-Fit Camo
6 Colours Power-Fit Braces Camo
4 Colours Power-Fit Galaxy Invasion
2 Colours Power-Fit Braces Galaxy Shimmer
4 Colours Power-Fit Jaws
2 Colours Power-Fit Eyes (Adult)
6 Colours Power-Fit Urban
4 Colours Power-Fit Teeth
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Rest Of World
9 Colours Power-Fit Team Colours (Adult)
3 Colours Platinum Mouthguard
2 Colours UFC Platinum Fangz
10 Colours Gold Level
4 Colours UFC Gold
4 Colours Gold Mouthguard for Braces
1 Colour UFC Gold Mouthguard for Braces
10 Colours Silver Level
4 Colours UFC Silver
8 Colours Bronze
4 Colours UFC Bronze
8 Colours Snap-Fit Adult
4 Colours UFC Snap-Fit
8 Colours Snap-Fit Junior
4 Colours Snap-Fit Braces