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Muay Thai Mouthguards

With elbow, knee and shin techniques legal in Muay Thai, having the right protection is essential. Our range of Muay Thai mouthguards is perfect for protecting your teeth, gums and lips.

Choose a fang design to intimidate your opponent, or pick one of the other patterns or colours from the range. All our muay thai gum shields offer Boil and Bite fitting, so the mouthguard moulds to your teeth. You’ll be impressed by the comfort and security of the fit.

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Set Descending Direction
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Americas
4 Colours Power-Fit Galaxy Shimmer
12 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Europe
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - UK
16 Colours Power-Fit Solids
8 Colours Power-Fit Braces Solid Colours
2 Colours Power-Fit UFC (Adult)
12 Colours Power-Fit Camo
6 Colours Power-Fit Braces Camo
4 Colours Power-Fit Galaxy Invasion
2 Colours Power-Fit Braces Galaxy Shimmer
4 Colours Power-Fit Jaws
2 Colours Power-Fit Eyes (Adult)
6 Colours Power-Fit Urban
4 Colours Power-Fit Teeth
8 Colours Power-Fit Countries - Rest Of World
9 Colours Power-Fit Team Colours (Adult)
3 Colours Platinum Mouthguard
2 Colours UFC Platinum Fangz
10 Colours Gold Level
4 Colours UFC Gold
4 Colours Gold Mouthguard for Braces
1 Colour UFC Gold Mouthguard for Braces
10 Colours Silver Level
4 Colours UFC Silver
8 Colours Bronze
4 Colours UFC Bronze
8 Colours Snap-Fit Adult
4 Colours UFC Snap-Fit
8 Colours Snap-Fit Junior
4 Colours Snap-Fit Braces